Develop an information rich society in VTU and its affiliated as well as autonomous institutions in the State of Karnataka.


Facilitate end users to have an access to the online resources with minimum investment by its member institutions

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of The Consortium are as follows:

  • Provide access to the high-quality and scholarly electronic resources to the member institutions evolving competitive pricing models at most favorable terms and conditions;
  • Promote rapid and efficient access to scholarly content to the users;
  • Promote interaction and inter-library cooperation amongst the participating institutions;
  • Impart training to the students, research scholars, faculty members and librarians of the institutions to use electronic resources efficiently;
  • Evaluate the usage of the subscribed resources from time to time and to identify new resources that are required to be subscribed under the programme;
  • Bring qualitative change in teaching, learning and research with an aim to meet the ever growing challenges of globalization of higher education;
  • Increase the research productivity of the institutions both in terms of quality and quantity of publications; and
  • Extend the benefit of Consortium to Associate Members.

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