The consortia-based subscription to e-resources is a viable solution for increasing the access to electronic resources across Technical Institutions at competitive rates of subscription. Major benefits of The Consortium are as follows:

  • VTU Consortium acts as a single-window service for Technical Institutions with their diverse research and academic interests;
  • VTU Consortium, with its collective strength of participating institutions, attracts competitive rates of subscription, benefit of cap on the annual increase with most favorable terms of agreement for a wider range of e-resources;
  • Users would get access to material previously not subscribed to, including back files;
  • VTU Consortium is expected to trigger remarkable increase in sharing of both print and electronic resources amongst participating library;
  • VTU Consortium has been opened-up for all other Technical Institutions Polytechnics through its “Associate Membership Programme”. Private institutions and other institutions can join the VTU Consortium and get the benefit of not only competitive rates of subscription but also the favourable terms and conditions;
  • Since the subscribed resources are accessible online in electronic format, the beneficiary institutions have less pressure on space requirement for storing and managing print-based library resources. Moreover, all problems associated with print media such as their wear and tear, location, shelving, binding, organizing, etc. are not an issue for electronic resources; and
  • The research productivity of beneficiary institutions is expected to improve with increased access to international databases and full-text resources.
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